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Agnesa Mehanolli

Playwright & Screenwriter

Agnesa Mehanolli

Agnesa Mehanolli is a 23-year-old playwright & screenwriter, and author of Where is Mr. President? (WIMP) which premiered at Refugee Week in June 2021. She is completing a Masters in Script Writing at the University of Prishtina and writes reviews of local theatre plays. Recently she finished a short documentary called "That Day" and is currently working as the Coordinator for INTENT New Theatre with the ongoing Writers Group, which supports writers and helps their momentum by providing comments and feedback on their work as it develops.

"In my third year of studies for Dramaturgy at “University of Prishtina”, I joined the radio drama workshop, organised by INTENT New Theatre. I was rewarded with great teamwork and mentorship during the whole process of writing. I was never alone and having someone to help and guide me, made everything easier. That’s when I wrote WIMP and had a lot of fun doing it. I would like to keep writing and create stories that just make people feel something, be that an emotion of anger, fear, sadness or joy. Just something that will remind them of their human nature."

Ulpiana Maloku


Ulpiana Maloku

Ulpiana Maloku is the author of Nude, a funny, subversive audio drama about friendship, family relationships and art. Nude is part of Series 1 of the new audio drama podcast Out Of The Woods: Tales From The Balkans.

Ulpiana completed a Master for Script Writing at the University of Prishtina and also has a previous bachelor degree for Dramaturgy at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Prishtina. She is the author of theatre plays like: “Root”, “Tea and Poetry”, “Spectator” and the co-author of the experimental play called “The walls talk”. She was the dramatis for another play called “You are Me” and “Little Prince”.

In 2016 she got second place at “Katarina Josipi” festival, awarded from National Theatre of Kosovo. Apart some scripts for short movies, in 2018 she was supported from Kosovo Cinema Center to make another long movie called “The man with purple suit”.

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